Lancaster, PA Criminal Defense Law — Assault, Robbery and Burglary

Legal representation for individuals charged with assault, robbery or burglary in Pennsylvania.

Many serious crimes are classified as felonies, and crimes of assault, robbery and burglary can all be classified as felonies. Conviction of a felony will likely send the offender to state prison and have lifetime consequences after prison, including loss of the right to vote, possess a gun, hold certain jobs and more. A felony conviction is a life-changing event and vigorous and experienced legal help is essential to have the best chance to avoid it. Pennsylvania attorney R. Russell Pugh has more than 31 years experience in criminal law in Lancaster and surrounding counties and has helped many clients avoid felony convictions.

Lancaster PA Assault Lawyer and Burglary Attorney in PennsylvaniaThe vast majority of assault, robbery and burglary cases end in negotiated pleas, sometimes called "plea bargains". In a negotiated plea, the accused agrees to plead guilty to reduced charges or for a reduced sentence. There are many considerations involved in negotiating a plea with the District Attorney including the strength of the Commonwealth's case, the prior record of the accused and the skill and reputation of the defense attorney. Good defense attorneys will get better deals for their clients than bad ones. Lancaster County attorney R. Russell Pugh has the skill and reputation needed to get the best possible deal for his clients.

If a case cannot be won at trial, a plea bargain has substantial benefits. It exposes the client to penalties that are not as harsh as may be imposed if the defendant goes to trial and loses, and can give the defense some control over the sentence. In a negotiated plea, the court must impose the agreed upon sentence if it accepts the guilty plea. If the court rejects the plea, the plea is withdrawn and the defendant is put back in the same position as if he hadn't plead at all, with the options of renegotiating the deal or going to trial. Negotiating good plea bargains is the product of the skill and experience of the criminal defense lawyer. R. Russell Pugh is an expert negotiator with more than 31 years experience with the plea-bargaining process. If you have been charged with assault, robbery or burglary, contact the Lancaster County Law Office of R. Russell Pugh for a free legal consultation regarding your case.