Lancaster County Criminal Appeals Lawyer

Attorney R. Russell Pugh possesses the courtroom experience essential to successfully arguing Criminal Appeals in Pennsylvania.

Appeal from a criminal conviction is one of the most challenging jobs an attorney can perform. Very few attorneys do them. It requires excellent writing skills and the ability to conduct a superior oral argument before elite judges. Many Pennsylvania attorneys handle criminal court cases but very few have the unique knowledge and experience necessary to fight a criminal case on appeal.

Lancaster PA Criminal Appeals Lawyer in PennsylvaniaThe rules pertaining to criminal appeals in Pennsylvania have been amended recently to make it much harder to win. The appellate courts (Superior, Commonwealth and Supreme) enforce strict rules on what issues may be raised on appeal and how they must be raised. Failure to comply with these complex rules will result in the appeal being weakened or even dismissed. To give you the best chance of winning, consult with a criminal defense attorney that possesses the unique skill and experience in these matters, like R. Russell Pugh.

Choose an experienced Lancaster appeals attorney.

Attorney Pugh has more than two decades of experience in Pennsylvania's appellate courts. He has argued hundreds of Pennsylvania criminal cases on appeal and has won reversals of convictions for murder, robbery, sex offenses and other crimes. He also argues a large number of "post-conviction" cases, a special kind of appeal filed after the normal appellate process has run its course. Criminal appeals are difficult and very few are successful.

It is a slow process and the odds are long, but Attorney Pugh has successfully argued criminal appeals for his clients since the 1980's with substantial success.

If you have been convicted with a crime in Pennsylvania and are seeking an appeal, contact Lancaster County criminal lawyer R. Russell Pugh today for a free consultation regarding your case. He is the Lancaster appeals attorney with the experience you need.