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Providing legal representation for individuals requiring a pardon from a previous conviction in Pennsylvania.

The Governor of Pennsylvania is empowered by law to grant pardons to persons convicted of criminal offenses. This power is administered through the Board of Pardons in Harrisburg, PA. Sometimes there is no other way to relieve the adverse consequences of a criminal conviction.

Lancaster PA Criminal Pardons Lawyer in PennsylvaniaThe pardons process is complicated and slow, and most pardon applications are denied. Success is more likely if the offense was minor and many years have elapsed since conviction. The assistance of a criminal defense attorney experienced with the pardons process can give an applicant his best chance for relief. Lancaster County, PA lawyer R. Russell Pugh has won pardons for clients convicted of DUI, theft, drug possession and other crimes.

Once the pardon application is filed, it is reviewed by the staff of the Board of Pardons and a hearing may be scheduled in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. For incarcerated applicants, the hearing is held at the prison. At the hearing, the applicant will be heard and witnesses called by him to vouch for his good character, remorse and the changes he has made in his life since he committed the crime. Attorney Pugh is present with the applicant throughout these proceedings.

The victim of the crime will also be heard and witnesses called who oppose the application. The questioning of the applicant by the Board members may be difficult, even abusive; a pardon hearing may be quite an ordeal for the applicant. It is important not to stand alone to face the storm. Lancaster, PA attorney R. Russell Pugh has decades of experience in the pardons process in Pennsylvania and is prepared to stand with you at this most difficult time.

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