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Providing legal representation for individuals charged with gun violations in Pennsylvania.

Criminal offenses in Pennsylvania involving guns occur in two ways: committing a crime while using a gun or violating the complicated state or federal laws controlling the purchase and possession of guns. If a crime is committed with a gun, like a robbery, a 5 year mandatory jail sentence may apply, in addition to the sentence imposed for the underlying crime itself. A violation of the laws relating to the possession or purchase of a gun may be extremely technical, making illegal ordinary activities that a person might never suspect were illegal. As an experienced attorney and gun owner, criminal defense attorney R. Russell Pugh is well-equipped to provide the advice and representation you need to win these cases or obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

Lancaster PA Gun Defense Lawyer in PennsylvaniaNearly anyone convicted of all but the most trivial crime will be barred from purchasing a gun. Even a DUI conviction will disqualify the purchaser. Persons with Protection From Abuse orders against them or who have been treated as an in-patient for mental illness are also barred. It is a crime to buy or attempt to buy a gun if you know that you are disqualified. It is also a crime to arrange for someone else to buy a gun for you if you are disqualified. Other people, like those convicted of certain crimes, are not allowed to even possess a gun. The gun laws are complex, and if charged with a violation, the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney is essential to successfully navigate the legal process.

If you are accused of using a gun to commit a crime, like robbery, and the prosecutor asks for the mandatory sentence, you face certain incarceration if you are convicted. Visible possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years in prison. This may be in addition to the sentence imposed on the actual crime itself. The judge is required to impose the mandatory sentence if the prosecutor requests it.

When accused of using a gun to commit a crime, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney like R. Russell Pugh to win the case at trial or negotiate the best possible plea. Call our law office today for a free legal consultation in Lancaster, PA.