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Providing legal representation for individuals seeking Post-Conviction Relief in Pennsylvania.

If the direct appeal of a criminal conviction is not successful, some criminal cases in Pennsylvania may be appealed through a special process called Post-Conviction Relief, or PCRA. PCRA cases are, perhaps, the most difficult cases of all to win. The law is narrow and restrictive and is designed to prevent any but the most meritorious cases from succeeding. Very few attorneys have any experience with these highly technical appeals and fewer still can bring the extensive experience that Lancaster County attorney R. Russell Pugh can wield on your behalf.

Lancaster PA Post Conviction Relief (PRCRA) Attorney in PennsylvaniaFor the last 20 years, Attorney Pugh has argued the majority of PCRA cases filed in Lancaster County. He is routinely appointed by the Court to litigate PCRA cases filed by inmates serving prison sentences imposed by Lancaster County judges. He has handled literally hundreds of these cases, and is eminently qualified to argue your PCRA case.

A PCRA petition does not raise ordinary procedural or evidentiary errors but attacks the integrity of the trial process itself. Matters like prosecutorial misconduct, ineffective assistance of defense counsel or an illegal sentence are common claims. More than 15 years ago, Attorney Pugh represented a man convicted of murder whose attorney slept through his trial. Despite testimony from sheriffs, jurors, co-counsel and even the prosecutor that the attorney was sleeping, the court denied relief. Attorney Pugh took the case to a higher court and won the case on appeal. Ultimately, the conviction was overturned and Mr. Pugh's client was released from his life sentence. More recently, Attorney Pugh won a new trial for a client convicted of a sex offense when it was proven that a juror who told the court he could not be fair and impartial because his wife had been raped somehow was put on the jury.

Let R. Russell Pugh use his unique knowledge and experience in this difficult area of the law to give you the best odds in your PCRA case. Contact our Lancaster, PA law office today for a free consultation.