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Sex offenses are serious crimes with stern penalties. They mark the accused with more humiliation and public embarrassment than other kinds of offenses. Pennsylvania has enacted Megan's Law, a statute that requires sex offenders to register with the State Police when they move or take a new job and, in some cases, to have their neighbors and co-workers notified of their prior conviction for a sex offense. This requirement may last for ten years or life. Obviously, being charged with a sex offense is extremely serious and requires experienced and knowledgeable legal representation to deal with it. Lancaster County criminal defense attorney R. Russell Pugh has represented persons accused of sex offenses for more than 20 years.

Lancaster PA Sex Offense Lawyer in PennsylvaniaIn Pennsylvania, Megan's Law offenders are not permitted to live or work within a certain distance from schools, playgrounds and other places which children frequent. In many communities, there is no place where a Megan's Law offender may legally reside or work. These offenders are exiles and their ability to live and earn a living may be severely compromised. Under current Pennsylvania law, a lifetime Megan's Law registrant can never be excused from the restrictions, even if he or she demonstrates many years of law-abiding behavior and meets all the treatment requirements. If you are charged with a sex offense in Pennsylvania that falls under Megan's Law (and most do) it is essential that you retain the services of a criminal defense lawyer experienced in handling these cases. R. Russell Pugh has successfully represented Megan's Law offenders since the law took effect more than 10 years ago.

In the internet age, there has been an explosion of internet pornography cases. While the First Amendment protects the right of adults to view sexually explicit material portraying adults, it is illegal to make or to download pornography portraying minors. Child pornography is subject to extremely heavy punishment and each image downloaded or photographed may be charged as a separate offense. Extreme care must be taken by persons who choose to view sexually explicit material as the viewer may be unable to determine the age of the persons portrayed in the images. It is not a defense of a pornography charge that the viewer did not know the age of the persons portrayed.

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