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Theft is defined as the taking of the property of another with the intent to permanently deprive the owner of that property. It may occur in any number of ways but most common is retail theft or "shop-lifting”. Retail theft may be a relatively minor crime if it is a first offense and the value of the stolen property is small. However it can be a very serious offense if valuable property is taken or has been committed by the accused before. Whether "minor” or "serious”, conviction for theft in Pennsylvania can keep a person out of the military, from buying a gun or holding certain jobs for life. Experienced criminal counsel should be retained as soon as possible after arrest. Lancaster, PA lawyer R. Russell Pugh has more than two decades of experience in successfully representing persons accused of theft crimes big and small.

Lancaster PA Theft Drinking Lawyer in PennsylvaniaIn Pennsylvania, theft may also be charged when a person walks out of a restaurant without paying or "drives off” from a gas station. It also may be charged when a person, like a clerk or bookkeeper, keeps the money or property of his employer rather than deposit it in a bank or turn it over to the boss. Embezzlement is a special type of theft where a trusted employee diverts the money of the employer to her own benefit rather than expend the money to the benefit of the employer. Embezzlement cases often involve very large amounts of money and can carry severe punishment and repayment of the money stolen.

If a person is charged with theft in Pennsylvania — great or small — he needs the help of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Lancaster, PA attorney R. Russell Pugh has been defending persons accused of theft and embezzlement for more than 31 years.

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