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Providing legal representation for individuals charged with underage drinking in Pennsylvania.

Underage drinking is no minor offense. Minors caught with alcohol in their possession face significant punishment in Pennsylvania. They may be fined, lose their drivers licenses and jail is possible, but unlikely. If the minor is over 18 the conviction will result in a permanent record that may adversely affect admission to school or gaining employment. Experienced legal representation should be retained immediately after arrest to avoid the harshest consequences. Lancaster, PA attorney R. Russell Pugh has defended underage drinking cases for more than 20 years.

Lancaster PA Underage Drinking Lawyer in PennsylvaniaA minor may be charged with underage drinking with the mere possession or transportation of alcohol. He may be charged as the driver of a car in which a passenger possesses alcohol or if there is an open container in the car. A minor may even be charged after he consumes the beverage for having alcohol in his system.

A very common scenario for underage drinking cases in Pennsylvania is the "raid” by the police of a party at which alcoholic beverages are consumed. Conviction of a student in these cases may put admission to post-graduate or professional schools in jeopardy and may expose the minor to discipline by the school he attends. Lancaster County defense lawyer R. Russell Pugh has represented many students caught up in these "raids" with considerable success.

If you or your child has been charged with underage drinking in Pennsylvania, your best chance to minimize the consequences is to contact the Lancaster, PA Law Office of R. Russell Pugh, and arrange for a free legal consultation.