Testimonials from our clients in Lancaster County

I met Russell Pugh through a friend; his recommendation was very good. Russell knows what he's doing and his price was very reasonable. Russell represented me and he won my case!

He's very dependable and very trustworthy. He goes directly to the business and that's what I like. Other lawyers try to 'fish for your time' and get paid for more hours — Russell doesn't do that. He tried to save me time and he went directly to the problem.

He's a very nice person; a very friendly person. He's easy to talk to, and we are friends — not like a lawyer and client at all. I've been with him for 20 years, and I'm 200% satisfied. I've referred him again and again to a lot of my friends and they're very happy.

I can trust Russell Pugh. That's the truth!

June C. from Boyertown, PA

I'm a worry-wart. But Russell always told me it's his job to worry, not mine. He tried to bring comfort to me, so that I'd have rest. He wanted me to let him fight the battle. He'd carry the burden and let me focus on getting better. That's outstanding service and you just don't find that very often.

Russell is so vested in what he does, that you can't separate the attorney from the man or the man from the attorney. He has integrity, and has the ability to look you in the eye. He's always said, "Be truthful. Be honest. Tell me how it really is.” He's not fake. He's true blue.

I could not have found a better man to handle the job. As far as I'm concerned he can be my attorney for life. He's the man!

John G. from Spring Grove, PA

Russell did a really good job. I didn't have to do much of anything except show up at his office every now and then to give him information. He had all the knowledge and was always on top of things. He did everything that made it a smooth transition for me.

With all the emotions I had, he was really concerned about me and my family. He made sure we were OK. Russell is just a really nice guy. I would recommend him and work with him again.

Tammy M. from Ephrata, PA

Russell has been my lawyer since 2004. He seemed more concerned and more sympathetic than other lawyers I met. He's always prompt and straight to the point. He takes his time, gets all his information and is very thorough.

Russell doesn't go in with his bucket half-full, he goes in with it overflowing! He's a very good lawyer and he gets the job done. He has never let me down since I've known him.

I'm 110% satisfied.

Kelly L. from Lancaster, PA

After meeting Russell, I felt comfortable with him. He made me feel at ease. He's very concerned for his clients and I could tell he was really concerned for me. He was very honest and very patient with me.

He really dug into my case and kept working at it so that it would be in my favor, and that I could win my case. Russell is a very caring person. I tell people if you need a lawyer for a case, choose Russell Pugh.

Caroline M. from Terre Hill, PA