Lawsuits from Accidents While Driving for Work

Legal representation for Pennsylvania Workers Compensation claims resulting from accidents while driving on the job.

Workers in Pennsylvania who are injured while driving as part of their job may have a personal injury claim against the other driver and a workers' compensation claim against the employer. It may be possible to collect compensation from both. It requires an attorney experienced in auto accident claims and workers' comp claims to ensure that every dollar is recovered in these cases. Lancaster, PA lawyer Pugh has more than 31 years in litigating auto accident and workers compensation claims in Pennsylvania with many satisfied clients to his credit.

Driving Accident Workers Comp Claims in Lancaster PACases that involve a workers' compensation claim while driving are complex and require representation by an attorney skilled in handling both types of cases. Not all workers' compensation attorneys have the breadth of experience necessary to win all the benefits to which you are entitled. Lawyer R. Russell Pugh litigates workers' compensation claims and auto accident claims, and has the expertise needed to recover on both claims, if possible, and coordinate the benefits to maximize the payout to his clients.

If you are injured while driving on the job in Pennsylvania, get a copy of the accident report from the police officer, if possible, and give written notice of the accident to the employer. There are specific rules for giving proper notice to the employer and cases may be lost if these rules are not followed. The most common mistake that people make at the outset of their workers' comp case is not giving legally adequate notice and retaining a copy of the notice for their attorney. It is unfortunate that if notice is not given in writing and a copy retained by the claimant, the notice may "disappear" and the claim for benefits lost. Hiring an experienced workers’ compensation attorney is the best way to prevent such legal violations of procedure.

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