Construction and Worksite Accident Lawsuits

Legal representation for Pennsylvania Workers Compensation claims resulting from injuries and accidents occurring on the construction jobsite

Workers in the construction trades are highly susceptible to back injuries from heavy lifting, crush injuries to the feet or hands and traumatic injuries in falls from ladders or stairs. Workers' compensation claims by construction workers are often vigorously defended by the employer and require a determined, experienced attorney to win. Lancaster, PA attorney Pugh has more than a quarter century of experience in fighting and winning these cases for his clients.

Workers Compensation Construction AccidentsEven after a workers compensation case is won, benefits must be protected from attempts by the insurance company to reduce or stop them. An insurer may hire detectives to video tape the claimant, selectively editing the tape to make it look like the claimant is faking his injuries or capable of more physical activity than his doctors will allow. Some of these "detectives" have been known to trick the claimant into performing for the cameras by delivering heavy packages to his door or pretending to be a stranded motorist, needing help to change a tire. . Pennsylvania laywer R. Russell Pugh has experience in dealing with these insurance company tricks, and can defend against them in court.

Another technique insurers use to reduce or cut-off workers' comp benefits is to hire a doctor to examine the claimant and write unrealistic or unfounded medical reports that minimize the claimant's disability, a so-called "Independent Medical Exam" or IME. Often these "doctors" are not very well qualified, may not have an actual medical practice and are rewarded for their dishonesty with hefty fees from the insurance companies. It requires the help of an experienced workers' comp attorney like R. Russell Pugh to protect you from these abusive practices.

If you’ve been injured on the construction jobsite and need to file a workers’ compensation claim in Pennsylvania, contact the Lancaster County Law Office of R. Russell Pugh today for a free legal consultation. All workers' comp cases are on a contingent fee basis, meaning that no fee is paid until benefits are won for the client.