Factory and Manufacturing Accident Lawsuits

Legal representation for Pennsylvania Workers Compensation claims resulting from factory and manufacturing injuries or accidents.

Injuries in manufacturing are among the most common work-related accidents. Even the safest factory exposes workers to numerous known and unknown hazards. Factory workers are often injured by machinery, by slips and falls or by merely walking or standing on concrete floors for long periods. These workers are also susceptible to repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel and other arm injuries. Lancaster, PA Attorney Pugh has successfully litigated many Pennsylvania worker's compensation claims for factory workers in Pennsylvania and is highly experienced in the unique challenges these claims can present.

Factory Workers Comp Claims in Lancaster PAMany workers' compensation claims are paid voluntarily by the insurance company. Even if a claim is paid, an experienced workers' compensation attorney should be consulted to ensure that the wage-loss benefits are paid in the proper amount and to force payment of all the medical bills. Unpaid medical bills are an enormous problem in workers' compensation cases. Unpaid bills may saddle a claimant with burdensome out-of-pocket costs and damage his credit rating. Unpaid bills may also interfere with a claimant's relationship with his doctor and prevent him from getting the medical care he deserves. Lancaster, PA lawyer R. Russell Pugh has the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure that every penny a claimant is entitled to is paid, and paid promptly.

And, like all workers' comp claims, even if voluntarily paid at first, insurance companies often try and stop or reduce benefits whether a claimant is able to return to work or not. The insurer may use detectives and "rehab nurses" to spy on a claimant and paint an unfair picture that the claimant is not as disabled as he claims. Insurers have sent claimants to medical exams with unscrupulous doctors hired to write inaccurate or exaggerated medical reports that minimize the extent of the disability. An experienced workers' compensation lawyer like R. Russell Pugh is essential to protect your right to benefits.

For a free consultation regarding your case, contact the Lancaster County Law Office of R. Russell Pugh today. Attorney Pugh handles all workers’ comp cases on a contingent fee basis, meaning you will pay no legal fees unless workers’ compensation benefits are paid to you.