Healthcare Workers' Compensation Lawsuits

Legal representation for Pennsylvania Workers Compensation claims resulting from injuries or accidents while working in the healthcare industry.

Nurses, nurse's aides and other health care workers suffer work-related injuries more often than any other vocational group. These workers are particularly vulnerable to back injuries and other injuries caused by lifting heavy patients. Rotator cuff tears and knee injuries are also common in these jobs. Orthopedic injuries of these types are often difficult cases involving expert opinion testimony by treating physicians and insurance company doctors. Many of these injuries can lead to a workers’ compensation claim, and Attorney Pugh has more than 31 years experience successfully litigating such cases involving health care workers in Pennsylvania.

Healthcare Workers Comp Claims in Lancaster PAWorkers compensation is a private insurance benefit administered by the Bureau of Workers' Compensation, an agency of state government in Harrisburg. It is not a public benefit like welfare or Medicare. Employers in Pennsylvania are required by law to purchase workers' compensation insurance much like drivers are required to purchase auto insurance as a condition of their license.

Workers' compensation in Pennsylvania pays two-thirds of lost wages and medical bills. Under certain conditions, a Pennsylvania workers' compensation claim can also provide benefits for loss of hearing or sight, lost limbs, fingers, and even for disfigurement of the head, neck or face. If a worker dies on the job, death benefits (including funeral expenses) can also be secured, and can be paid to a widow, widower, child or other dependents.

Some Pennsylvania workers' compensation cases can be settled for a lump sum of money. These cases may have very significant value but require the expertise of an experienced workers' compensation attorney to obtain the highest possible settlement. Lancaster, PA attorney R. Russell Pugh has more than 31 years experience in litigating workers' compensation cases in the Pennsylvania courts and has won some of the largest settlements in Lancaster County history.

Workers' comp cases are handled by Lancaster lawyer R. Russel Pugh on a contingent fee basis. You will pay nothing unless workers' compensation benefits are paid to you. Contact the Lancaster County Law Office of R. Russell Pugh today for a free consultation regarding your workers' compensation claim.