Office and Computer-related Injury Lawsuits

Legal representation for Pennsylvania Workers Compensation claims resulting from injuries or accidents occurring in the office.

Office and data-entry workers have a much higher than average likelihood of suffering repetitive trauma injuries like carpal tunnel and thoracic outlet syndromes. These cases are hard to prove because workers tend to use their hands and arms in repetitive ways at home or in leisure activities too. It requires extensive professional expertise to sort through the confusing medical evidence in these cases to present a strong case for workers' compensation benefits. Over the last 31 years, Lancaster, PA attorney Pugh has had a high level of success litigating tricky office-related workers' compensation cases such as these.

Office Workers Comp Claims in Lancaster PAIt is unwise to attempt to handle a workers' compensation case on your own. You can be assured that the insurance company will employ the best lawyers money can buy to defeat your claim for benefits. And it is easy for a claimant to damage his case right from the outset by failing to follow the confusing rules for giving notice of the claim and preserving valuable evidence. It is possible to damage your case to such a degree that even the most competent workers' compensation attorney will be unable to salvage it and valuable benefits will be irretrievably lost. Hire a qualified attorney immediately after the injury to protect your rights, give appropriate notice of the workers' comp claim and file the proper forms. R. Russell Pugh has over 31 years experience in fighting and winning workers' compensation claims.

Attorney Pugh works on a contingent fee basis, meaning that no fee is paid until benefits are won. No recovery, no fee. In many cases, Attorney Pugh will advance the costs of litigation, paying for the medical records, doctors' depositions and reports that are essential to winning the case. Contact the Lancaster County Law Office of R. Russel Pugh today for a no-cost, no-obligation legal consultation.